Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sigh, time to go work out!

Yes, that time of year again, all the glitz is out, crazy outfits, asses and boobies a jiggling....no, not the aftermath of a staff Christmas party open bar. I actually mean the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. God, I want to punch these models and their skinny flat tummies and perfect hair! Why can’t we all have a team of people working on our hair and makeup before we go out in public?

I tried to critique the girls, looking for imperfections to satisfy the “no one is perfect, everyone has issues with their body rule” but alas, they all look perfect to me. I also tried to ask my fiancĂ©, but he was already letting the potato wedges burn as he watched the show, so I thought it better not to give him too many tasks to do at once while there are firm ass close-ups on the TV.

I wonder how many other females around the world are currently watching this show, hating their own bodies, wondering what exactly these models do to stay so hot, and what the hell a vest shaped like a soccer ball has to do with underwear? As I watched hottie after hottie strut their weird model walk and make me want to go throw up my dinner (literally)...I wondered why I torture myself watching this show every year. I also wondered why I am watching it when I am eating my supper. Needless to say I didn’t finish my burnt potato wedges and grilled tilapia.

Perhaps I should record this and watch it during every meal, clearly I would eat less.

Sigh, time to go work out!

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