Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anonymous said...

Hey! I read your blog all the time, and I think you are hilarious! I just have a quick question, when you do want something sweet (I know, I shouldn't) what would you recommend sweetening it with - with no sweeteners or sugar? Thanks!

Glad you like the blog, and thanks for the comment. I guess honey would be my sweetener of choice. I also hear that agave nectar, stevia, and sucanat are good, however I don’t use them, not for any particular reason, I just like honey. I will try them in the future, as soon as I can bake something without turning it into a hockey puck. Remember, even though it is natural, it is still a sugar. These are my favourite “sweets”:

Oats with skim milk, cocoa powder, and honey nuked in the microwave (mmmm chocolaty)

Skim milk, cinnamon, left over brown rice, honey, oats, again nuked in the microwave, but then left to cool makes a nice rice pudding

Natural organic black liquorice (Panda brand)

Any type of fruit Smoothies

Molasses, mint leaves, banana, vanilla protein powder and skim milk smoothie (sounds weird, but actually taste good)

Organic dark chocolate (my ultimate treat!)

Apple crisp for one:
Oil up a small ramekin toss in one chopped apple and mix with cinnamon (1/4 tsp), in a bowl mix oats (1/4 cup), honey (1tbls), olive oil (1 tsp), and whole wheat flour (1 tbls), and put it on top of the chopped apple, bake and enjoy.

Last night, I had a craving for muffins, so I went to the store and decided on an organic oatmeal mix (I choose organic ‘treats’ as it makes me feel better about my snacking), I brought home the mix, Pre-heated the oven, added the extra ingredients to the mix(egg, water, canola oil) and fit bitched it up by also adding: fibre (Benefibre), rolled oats, flax seeds, and some protein powder. Went to the cupboard to grab the muffin tin. Couldn’t find it. Then remembered I threw it in the garbage a few months ago because I tried to make mini quiches and burnt them all to the bottom of the muffin tin and it was beyond repair.

Sadly this isn’t the first pan, dish, or appliance I have thrown out (yes I said appliance, I thought I could ‘steam’ milk in my kettle and make my own latte. No. This doesn’t work).

So I had a bowl of muffin batter, and no muffin tins. Solution? I poured them into two cake pans and hoped for the best. 15 minutes later, surprisingly delish! However I now looks like I am eating cake for recess instead of a muffin.


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    Q: Do you have any helpful suggestions (fit-bitch style of course) for breaking up your calories throughout the day? I really struggle with portions..

  2. Thanks a bunch for the advice! I usually try to stick to honey as well, and I will have to try the apple crisp recipe! Keep blogging : ) !