Monday, June 21, 2010

We don't diet!

So a woman in my office is attempting to be somewhat healthy (and I use ‘attempt’ and ‘somewhat’ loosely), let’s call her ‘Betty’ another woman (let’s call her ‘Veronica’) was going to pick up lunch and asked Betty if she would like a big Mac meal, Betty said "no" (yay, good for Betty). But 10 minutes later, what does Veronica show up with? A second big Mac meal back for Betty anyway. What the Sweet Fuck? And do you think Betty said "no, I am not eating that as I told you I didn't want one" nope, instead she said "oh Veronica, well since you bought it I have to eat it".

Can you frigin imagine? I am sure if Betty said no, Veronica’s feelings would have been hurt. What a bunch of babies.

Immediately after that, not one, NOT two, BUT THREE!!! Three different people said "wow, aren't you healthy" in regards to my lunch (ww tuna and veggie wrap no condiments & a bowl of cut up veggies no dressings) so after the third Mrs. Obvious pointed this out to me I very calmly and un-snappily said "people say that to me almost every day, did you ever think that perhaps you are the unhealthy one? I don't come in here and point out your lunch and say "wow, aren't you unhealthy" can you just let me eat my food? There is nothing wrong with being healthy". Awaiting a defensive backlash to come my way, I was surprised when she said "your right, we should all be eating like you".

And then continued to eat her ginger beef, fried rice, chicken balls, and egg rolls. Sigh.

Am I the only one surrounded by lunatics? I need to find a job where I am around normal functioning people who don't act like it is the last day they are going to eat before going on Survivor. Other thank becoming a nutritionist, I really am not sure if I will ever find an office filled with all normal people. Remember my office girl that quit weight watchers and decided to just eat healthy and work out? nope, she stopped, apparently it was too hard for her. And the one on South Beach or low carb, or whatever the hell she was on, stopped, she now is just eating like a starved alien who has just discovered North American food. Why can't people understand that just because you aren't 'on a diet' doesn't mean you have to eat like a ravenous zombie. Diets? What the hell! We all know they don't work, we all know that severally restricting your calories makes you hungry causing you to gorge and binge eat.

Just eat healthy, it is so simple! Need chips? Go get organic chips and have a few, not the whole bag. Need Nachos? Make them healthy with organic whole grain chips, low fat cheese (even try feta instead!) load the nachos up with veggies instead of beef. Need ice cream? Have a little bit of natural icecream with natural ingredients! Why is everyone so weak all the time. No, you don’t NEED to have a burger. No you are not going to DIE if you don’t eat that chocolate milkshake. Jesus, when will people stop trying to justify their stupidity and grow a pair!

I always used to get so annoyed when people would say to me “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change”. I would defensively want to bark at them: MY LIFESTYLE IS FINE. But now (even though I believe my lifestyle is fine) I get what they were saying. Because just because I eat healthy, doesn’t mean I am on a diet. It is just my lifestyle.

Make it yours if you haven’t already.

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