Monday, June 7, 2010

New Years Resolution: Run a 10k. CHECK!

I did it, my first 10k run. I can’t believe it. If someone told me a year ago that I would be able to run 10k without stopping (yes, it is hard to drink water out of a cup while running) in my underwear (I will explain later) I would have told them they where nutso. But here I am, 15 lbs lighter, stronger, and full of determination.

My team (well, more of a duo—it was my friend and I) raised over $1000 for below the waist cancer research and we ran in the Underwear Affair—raising awareness for cancer ‘down-there-ness’. A massive 5k walk or 10k run where people wear everything from simple underwear over their running shorts, to full on costumes, to just a t-shirt with a cleaver name, to nothing but their skivvies. It was amazingly fun, and afterwards there is a huge after party, a bunch of happy sweaty scantily clad people dancing and not caring that their cellulite thigh is jiggling in front of everyone.

Running 10k wasn’t so fun, my legs and feet are aching and my hip flexors are so stiff I can barely walk today. But the feeling of completing a race, knowing that you did it. Amazing. I almost got teary eyed at the end (OK, I totally got teary eyed at the end...and when I passed the 8k mark (the furthest I have ever run, EVER)....and when a police officer high fived me...and when a little kid gave me two thumbs up and yelled ‘yay’ when each runner passed him) but, especially at the finish line, where people are cheering you on, high fiving you, whoot-wooing at you, and seeing yourself on the big screen (as immediately after the finish line you enter the after party) and not feeling embarrassed or self-conscious that you are on a god damn BIG SCREEN TV in your unders in front of thousands of people. Instead I looked up at the screen and thought “I am so proud of myself”.

I was wearing girl ‘boxer-briefs” which consistently rode up my crotch during the run, and I had a pink undershirt tucked into them. Walking around before the race, I have literally never been more aware of my thighs in my whole life. I mean, you can suck in your gut when you are trying to look thin, but what the heck can you do to hide your wiggle-waggle thighs? Despite being in wedgie central most of the evening, I actually felt OK baring myself a little bit. This is highly thanks to all the other people that also shed their inhibitions. Hell, if a woman with 30% body fat can wear lace undies and a lace camisole, then certainly I should have no problem wearing large ‘short style’ underwear.

Thank you to everyone who supported me. This is a great cause, not only to raise money, but also to bring more awareness to those cancers that people don’t discuss so much. Not too many people want to have a race to raise money for ‘ASS & VAGINA CANCER’. Can you imagine? “Hello workmates, can you sponsor me to run in the ASS CANCER race?” Jesus! Thanks to the Underwear Affair, all money raised is for ALL cancers below the waist. 

Here is our super clever team name:

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