Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Weight

After ten fabulous days of vacation doing nothing but hanging out with friends and family in the sun, I have consumed more calories than an oil tycoon at a Texas pig roast. I really am massively surprised that I only gained a mere 2 pounds in ten whole freaking days.

Oh vacation, how many times have you been on holidays and heard the following or some version of the following:

“Have some, you’re on vacation”
“You can’t be on vacation and not drink, don’t worry about it”
“Dessert doesn’t count when you are on vacation”

Why is it that sabotaging healthyness is normal banter while on vacation? I had turned down many drinks many desserts many second helpings and many many many treats and snacks and I still felt like I ate like a pig all week. God, can you imagine if you ate everything you were offered on vacation? And am I the only one who can BBQ meat without lathering it in BBQ sauce? Or eat a salad with no dressing? How about not choosing chips as a side dish? Is this normal? It is easy to ask for your food to be prepared without added crap when it is you and a few good friends, but what about when you are attending multiple large gatherings with your old school family? Where it is impossible to have a say in what is prepared. What do you do? Not eat? Mop the BBQ sauce of your chicken breast with your napkin? Use lettuce leaves as a hamburger bun and then hear people say “uh, are you on Atkins?” because you are not eating white hamburger buns and you only have tomato slices and mustard on your burger?

The vacation weight battle happens whenever you are away from home, even for just a night. You are either eating out or eating food that someone else made. Thankfully most hotels have the ability to heat water up so you can still have oatmeal for breaky! Eating breakfast out is the biggest waste of calories and money I can even think of. When else do you sit down and eat a breakfast bigger than your head other than when you are on vacation? (or, when you where hungover in university?) Not too often. Pass on the breakfast and brunches out!

Thankfully for the most part of my vacation, I was with rocking normal people, who knew I would be stressed from multiple family feedings and they had amazing healthy meals prepared. These will be mentioned in the next wave of recipes.

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