Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Cheat? Or Not to Cheat? Um, Not?

If I had a nickel for every times someone asked me what I eat for my cheat days, I would have....well, probably only a few dollars. A whole day of cheating? No. No. NO!

We live a healthy lifestyle, we eat healthy, we work out, we are fit, and we try and change ourselves for the better. Sometimes, unfortunately you have to cheat. There, I said it! I am not going to act high and mighty and say I never cheat, we all do. But what do you 'cheat' with? Is it a burger and fries and a large shake from the ol’ time diner down the street? Or is it a bottle of wine to drink with your girls? If you are still at the point where you REALLY cheat, like binge and have massive meals, then you haven't educated yourself enough. I swear that once you do, you will not want to 'cheat' with massive loads of fatty crap.

Cheating for me is different now. Before I educated myself on food, I was one of those girls that had a McDonalds cheat meal "Hey you were good all week, you deserve a break" God! How ludicrous is this? We worked hard and ate healthy all week, and your "reward" is to negate all your hard work with 1000 calories of crap? So stupid! Reward yourself with clothes, or a pedicure, not food that will make you fat!

Now, a "cheat" is going out to a restaurant and accepting the fact that my whole wheat sandwich bread is going to contain sugar and enriched flour, or that my organic free range beef burger with no bbq sauce or ketchup did not have all that fat squeezed out of it and then rolled in paper towel to get the leftover fat off (beef a la fit bitch style) or perhaps a good “cheat” would be having some drinks and then at 2am splitting a veggie pizza slice on pizza corner when you are visiting your girlfriends and it is the first time all of you have been together in two years (What? Were we going to sit around and drink water and eat carrots? I went for a run and did push-ups and plyometric intervals in the park (while everyone stared at me) before the party night commenced). Popcorn with no butter during a movie? More calories then you really should have consumed for that delicious meal out at that restaurant you have been dying to go to. Now the cheats, well...they aren’t SOO bad. Make sure you work out extra hard that day ;)

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