Monday, October 11, 2010

How about a fat-turtle-burger to clog your arteries?

Hamburgers aren’t fatty enough, let’s put 2 hotdogs in there, wait...not fatty enough, add some full fat cheese! Hmmmm, still not fatty enough, also it could use a gross dose of sodium and nitrates, oooh, lets wrap it in bacon. OK, now make it look like a cute turtle so the kids will eat it.

Lean ground beef, turkey, or bison, is OK, add some low fat cheese to make a cheese burger, obviously you know by now to skip the bacon and not to eat hotdogs, right? Well, if you still love hotdogs topped with sugary ketchup, keep reading, you will stop loving your childhood fave.

This is ‘Mechanically Separated Meat” found in most hotdogs, chicken nuggets, lunch meats (think bologna), etc...

The bones are put into a machine that scrapes all the bits of meat off. Then this slurry of gross meat bits has some artificial flavouring added, and then it is dyed to match whatever colour it needs to be.


Thanks to Courteney for sending the 'Turtle Burger' picture in.

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