Thursday, October 21, 2010


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I tried an intermediate yoga class. Let’s just say that I am still a massive beginner yoga learner. I have trouble doing something as simple as holding my hands over my head in a squatting position (pic 1), and the girl next to me has no problem balancing on her hands with her legs stuck out to the side (pic 2)breathing like normal as if she could watch a movie and start eating some popcorn and help her kids with their homework. It was the longest yoga class of my life. I couldn’t wait to go home and sleep. I felt like a fat failure leaving the class like a newly broken horse while the skinny mini yoga pros left looking like models for lululemon, getting on their bikes and into their Priuses while I get into my SUV (what? I cannot lug my bike and mountain biking gear in a Prius!!!)

Happily, the next day I went back to my ‘all levels’ hot yoga class. (Am I weird because I like to be dripping sweat and bent in weird positions?)

Have you tried it yet? Or regular yoga for that matter? You should! It really is great. Yoga used to annoy the piss out of me. But the more I tried it the more I liked it, kind of like when you first beer, you know everyone drinks it so it must be cool, you don’t like it at first, but you want to fit in so you drink it up, then you try a few more, and all of a sudden you love beer? I mean yoga!

Try a few different yoga classes and teachers. Personally I have had no luck at those yoga classes that are offered at the gym, I have had lots of luck at the yoga studios, I find they are the best and have great instructors. The yoga studios usually have introductory rates, and or specials discounts for new students. Usually you can get your first week unlimited, which allows you to try out many teachers, classes, types, and styles.

Reasons to do yoga:

Lean, strong, toned muscles
That means a sexier physique (who doesn’t want that?) and more flexibility which will help with reducing injuries (and other things).

People who do yoga are reported to have a better sex life
(Maybe because they can bend in kinky positions?)
Apparently 75% of women reported a more satisfying sex life just by taking up yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga calms you
If you don’t have the need to relax and enter a quiet, comfortable, zen space where you are away from the daily idiots, then I want you to email me immediately and tell me what you do for a living, and hopefully hire me please.

People who do yoga are cool
What? They are.

People who practice yoga have healthier diets
Think about it, do you see yogis eating cheeseburgers and chilli fries? No, you see them eating cucumber sticks and orange wedges. Yoga will make you feel better about yourself, at least I find that my yoga instructor makes me feel that way (I guess this is why you should try a few different instructors, find one you like, don’t spend an hour or more in a dim room with an instructor you dislike).

Apparently, Naked Yoga Classes are starting in my city. Can you imagine? I don’t like to be in a swimsuit with other people around, let alone buck naked with people around me, bending over showing my lady bits! I think I will try my locked bedroom.

Can you imagine doing the happy baby pose sans clothes?  Gross!


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