Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Push Yourself

Well, in my quest to get super fit, I decided to do a 45 km bike ride. Not just any bike ride, none of this pussy little pathway bike ride crap, oh no no. To push it fit bitch style, I did a 45 km mountain bike ride. This is going to be awesome.

That was not awesome.

My legs and energy levels where completely depleted before 20 km were up. Uphill 20 km, followed by more uphill, then a one second downhill, then...you guessed it, more and more uphill. We were almost half way, we decided to wait until the halfway point to sit and have a lunch break because apparently there is a gorgeous must see lake that is a short detour from the main trail. Well, the “short detour” made me want to die. I am not sure what type of peyote our trail book author was on when he wrote the review on this trail, but 2 km of treacherous-no-bikes-allowed-be-prepared-to-encounter-wildlife and never get back up the trail you just went down, is NOT a ‘short detour’. We had to push our bikes the whole detour as you could barely walk, let alone ride the trail. Kill me now.
Wait, I just tweaked my knee and it is throbbing, now kill me.

Finally we make it to the lake, well, it was really pretty, but not worth the trek in, I mean, perhaps if you have never seen a mountain lake before? No, even then it wasn’t worth it. Never was I so happy to see other human beings in my whole life. Now if I pass out and die, at least there are other people around to notify the rescue team to helicopter in and get me.

Since I expended every calorie in my body, I mowed down my food at the speed of light, and then my bf and I reflected on the ridiculousness that just happened to us, laughed, favoured my aching knee, and then relaxed in the shade for a bit. When I thought I had enough energy to continue....we slowly left the lake, and it was happily a mix of up and down hill, followed by lots of downhill and then lots of straight-boringness. Ask me how easy it is to bike using only one leg? Not so easy.
We had another chance to stop at a mini waterfall, crystal clear river, and met another biking couple who must have had the same trail book we did as they did the exact same ride, so we we complained and laughed about how the people at the lake must have thought we were either really amazing bikers for having our bikes on that trail, or really stupid bikers, hahaha.

Another 10 km of pain.

6 hours later we make it to the car. I have jelly legs, an empty belly, completely drained, hot, tired, sore, covered in mud and dirt, and....happy.

I am so proud of us. Especially me (as hubby is a golden boy and does everything perfect) completing 45 km of mountain biking!!! The elevation gain was crazy, the views were stunning. However, I am never doing it again. Ever.

My quads are killing me. My ass...is OK surprisingly.

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