Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can you believe this exists? Sandwich in a can? Is this a new low in ridiculous food. I saw this product reviewed on a website, where the writer suggested that this would be a GOOD food for kids to take to school. I then commented on his or her article with a sarcastic “yes, this is exactly what the already overweight kids of today need, an over processed preservative laced white bread sandwich in a CAN!” The writer then responded with “I was giving the product a fair chance since I haven’t seen the ingredients list”.

What? People out there think that this product could be good for you, what the hell? When you see/hear stuff like this, doesn’t it make you happy that we fitties have a brain? That we can look at an item of food and know that it is crap? I certainly am!

Hey look, coming soon: Pizza in a can! Burritos in a can! Chocolate bars in a can!

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