Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self Sabotage

Have you ever been to that point where you are doing so good in your get in shape regime, where you have lost some weight, you have lost some inches, you have been ridiculously diligent about what you put in your mouth, and then you do something bad? Maybe you were shopping in the organic market, and a fresh baked organic oatmeal and raisin cookie the size of your face popped in front of you, and you bought it thinking “organic cookies can’t be as bad as regular cookies, I mean, there is less than 6 ingredients in this cookie, and I can pronounce them all....soooo it won’t hurt if I buy it....and only eat ¼....or even ½ the cookie”.

And then you eat half and put the rest away, vowing not to touch it, but you actually eat more than half?

Alright, goddamnit, I ate the whole thing!

Now I am stupid feeling, so I have to go out for a run to make myself feel better. Just because I have organic sugar and butter in my cookie, unfortunately doesn’t make it healthy. I wish it did however, because fresh baked cookie smell must be what heaven smells like.

Punishment: Run with intervals followed by boring arm weights

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