Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Happiest of Happy Days!

The dreaded digital scale, staring me in the face, I can hear it mocking me “Uh bitch, I am digital, no errors in reading here like your old analog scale, I am the truth! Step on me so I can determine the outcome of your day, mwaa haa ha”.

Stupid scale thinks it’s so smart!

Now, before you weigh yourself, you must do the following:
Use the washroom (to get rid of excess pee & poo that could make you weight more)
Take off all clothes
Don’t eat or drink prior to weighing
(god, obsessed much?)

Weigh yourself in the morning, as that is when you are lightest, so therefore you will feel better about looking at the number. All night your body is burning calories, you haven’t eaten in around ten hours, you have had a lot of evaporation through your mouth, and you have an empty tummy.

OK, ready to face the truth.

Please pause here for exciting news.






Best. Day. EVARRRR!

Time to measure....and? What do you think? Well, one inch lost from Bust (boo), waist (yay), love handle area, and 2 inches from butt (hips) total of 5 inches lost. Sigh, I am giddy like a school girl, or a girl who isn't in school.

Amazing! Being ridiculously diligent about what I put in my mouth and being active, hmmmm, who would have ever thought that eating healthy and working out would make you get skinny?

15 lbs away from goal weight, unbelievable!

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